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(n.) Female DJ Network is an all female organisation that aims to unify women in the entertainment industry, especially DJ’S. #FemaleDjNetwork is a Motherboard for all female Dj’s, globally. The unity of women continues to be the vehicle that promises to take the World forward. Our mission is to teach female DJ’s to work together, pool their resources and income to help each other grow their individual brands.

#FemaleDjNetwork will implement modes of education to teach them how to be self-sufficient and succeed in the industry without being victims of sexual and economic exploitation. This Movement promises to advocate equality of opportunity irrespective of gender. Women are beginning to blossom in an industry highly saturated and dominated by men, proving they can rise to the occasion. Equally talented and ambitious, Female DJs had to overcome career challenges to obtain the success they have today.

#FemaleDjNetwork is a platform where:

  • Dj’s Communicate with each other.
  • You can find a database of all the female dj’s.
  • Book a shuttle.
  • We offer technical and theoretical support to Female Djs.
  • Get access to a range of information for research (Support Group)
  • Work with NGO’s and raise funds for charitable organizations.
  • Share / Rent resources.
  • Create opportunities and promote all Female Dj’s
  • Grow individuals as businesses in the network
  • Provide Female Dj’s with a council / Governing body that serves in the interest of all Female Dj’s and artists.

Join the movement … Hashtag #FemaleDjNetwork